American Field Service Hat Badge

American Field Service Hat Badge

Sunday, October 7, 2012

After Harry Crosby's death in 1929 Harry's mother Henrietta, with the aid of Caresse published War Letters in 1931.  The book was published in a unnumbered edition of 125 copies.  War  Letters consists of letters written home by Harry to his family from the Summer of 1917 until his return from France in 1919.

Harry's mother presented copies of the book to as many of his ambulance service comrades as possible.  The above photo offers a glimpse of the book as well as two letters, each presenting the book to one of Harry's friends--Philip Shepley and Way "Spud" Spaulding.  Shepley and Spaulding were members of the AFS unit SSU 71 which became, after the US Army took over in the Fall of 1917, SSU 641.  Both figure prominatly in the book.

Also shown in the photograph is a American Field Service hat badge and a American Field Service medal.

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