American Field Service Hat Badge

American Field Service Hat Badge

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Let us not forget the reason for the existance of the American Field Service.  A. Piatt Andrew became Inspector General of the American Ambulance Field Service in the Spring of 1915.  Through Andrew's prewar connections, his brilliant organizational skills, and his unrelenting desire to aid the French war effort Andrew turned a small jitney ambulance service of the American Hospital of Paris into a organization of thirty-two ambulance sections serving frontline French units and five transportation units supplying war materials where needed.  When the American Field Service units were turned over to the US Army in the Fall of 1917 over two thousand five hundred men had served with the AFS. 

Pictured is a copy of A. Piatt Andrew's book Letters Written Home From France In The First Half of 1915.  The book was limited to two hundred fifty copies.  The photo is one presented by Andrew to his parents.  The award document is for the Legion of Honor.  This is Andrew's second award raising him to Officer of the Legion of Honor in 1927.

See for more about APA and his house, "Red Roof," in Gloucester Mass.

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