American Field Service Hat Badge

American Field Service Hat Badge

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

This is the section citation for SSU 641.  When Harry Crosby's American Field Service section, SSU 71, was taken over by the US Army Ambulance Service they became SSU 641 after taking over the Fords of SSU 29.  Some members of 71 left to join other military units and some were sent to fill vacancies in other ambulance sections but a large number of men remained including the AFS section chef, now lst Lt.,
Roland R. Speers.

The citation, for the entire unit, was earned for the period of August 23rd,24th, and 25th 1918 for evacuation of wounded under heavy German bombardment.  Harry Crosby was on leave in Paris during this time with one of his friends from the section--Lawrence Honig.  Each member of 641 received this document.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Harry Crosby's diaries Shadows of The Sun which span the time period from 1922 to 1929 were published in three separate volumes of forty-four copies each.  The books were not numbered and it has been suggested (by Wolff) that there were more printed than what the colophon states.  The bibliographer of the Black Sun Press, George Robert Minkoff, states that he believes that for the third and final series there were actually less printed than the forty-four stated.  These books are scarce but they do turn up (unfortunately with high prices from booksellers).

                         The letter above was found tipped into the first series of Shadows of The Sun.

In 1977 the Black Sparrow Press published a new single volume edition of the diaries with a introduction by the editor, Edward B. Germain, photographs, and a index.  The book was issued in a numbered edition of two hundred copies, thirteen hundred trade copies, and a unknown amount of copies in wraps.  The Black Sparrow edition is the only other edition of the diaries to be published and is still easily found including the numbered edition.